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So why vocals?


I actually have an extensive background in them. In my long journey toward becoming a music producer, I had several different bands. I tried being a punk rocker, a pop singer, and a reggae guitarist. One of those bands was an a cappella group that performed hundreds of shows all across the state. Combined with 8 years of voice lessons and a vocal performance degree from Hamline University in St. Paul, MN, I was fairly versed in the art and subtleties of great vocals.


Was I great singer? Ha, no. But I was obsessed with making music, and as it turns out, I was far better working on other people's music than I was as a lead singer. I started interning at a local recording facility, soaked in everything I could and started a business when I was 22. That deep well of vocal knowledge became a huge asset to other local artists looking to capture their voice in the best way possible. It took off and I never looked back.

Today, I record and produce musicians in many genres and have over a decade of experience producing, engineering, and composing. I’ve produced several hundred projects and have consistently helped artists make professional sounding records, earn radio play, and garner streams that have reached into the millions. I love collaboration, and am constantly working with talented singers and songwriters with various backgrounds. I’m in love with music. I love the process, the challenges, and the connections between people it creates. I’ve grown my studio into a hub for passionate musicians of all stages, beginner to pro.

My company is a full-service recording and music production studio located in the Excelsior neighborhood, near Lake Minnetonka, 25 minutes west of Minneapolis. It’s located on a very private and wooded lot, giving artists the sense of being “out of town” but only 25 minutes from downtown. I specialize in vocals and mixing, but usually provide all the services needed from start to finish for the production of a record, including full track production and mastering.

I really pride myself on being that extra bandmate – someone that can support the project as an engineer, producer, or songwriter – whatever is needed. I thrive on collaborations and really want the artist’s intentions and voice to be heard. All genres are welcome, as well as all stages of projects. Sometimes, I'm there from start to finish, other times I simply help with one part of the journey. Whatever the case, I'm here for you!

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