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Working with Helvig Productions was one of the best artistic experiences I've had. Stephen was so dedicated to our project and helped us bring our vision to life in a fun, safe, creative environment. One of the main reasons we chose to work with Helvig Productions was for Stephen's work with vocals. He was so helpful coaching during recording sessions and helping get the best out of each of member of our band, Maria and the Coins. The studio is absolutely beautiful and such a great space for recording!

- Maria Coyne (Maria and the Coins)

Maria and the Coins Helvig Productions Pop Music Producer Minnesota

Music Player


Singer songwriters, beautiful melodies, intimate textures


From dance floors to mosh pits, various style productions


Brazen lyrics, confident flow, bold sounds

waltzing on waves helvig productions vocal recording studio

"Not only did Stephen step into the areas where I had no experience, he called me up and coached me and coaxed out of me the truth that I could broaden my skill set and learn the language of production so that my vision could continue to expand - and it most certainly has."

-Jen Bluhm Waltzing on Waves



Stephen Helvig of Helvig Productions music producer

I specialize in vocals. That's my thing. Unless the vocals are great, the song doesn't stand a chance.

All I care about is making your voice heard in the best way. Whether that's pop, hip hop, alternative, or singer-songwriter records, I've done it all.

I have over a decade of experience helping musicians make records they're proud of.

Helvig Productions recording studio services

Recording & Editing

Fully equipped with high-calibre outboard gear, mics...

Helvig Productions Mixing Mastering Twin Cities Minnesota

Mixing & Mastering

Even the best song can't survive a terrible mix...

Don't get lost in the noise. Discover your full potential and record an album you and your fans will enjoy for a lifetime.

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Production & Composition

We'll help make your song its best by getting involved...



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We care about the quality and integrity of your music. We aim for the highest possible standard set in your recording plan. Our costs are transparent, you can pause at anytime and set your own pace. You can record...

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